Student Visa

When applying for a student visa it is important that the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is included.

There is a possibility that your Certificate of Eligibility will be delayed, and therefore we recommend that you do not book your tickets to Japan before applying for the visa.

To avoid problems, your visa application should be sent by post or delivered personally to the Embassy of Japan with all the necessary documents at least two weeks prior to your planned departure to Japan.

Your application should be sent to:

Embassy of Japan
Visa and Consular Section
Gärdesgatan 10
115 27 Stockholm

Please note that your passport with visa is to be collected in person at the embassy during the Visa and Consular Section's opening hours. Visits to the Visa and Consular Section are by appointment.

Required Documents

  1. Passport (in original with at least two blank visa pages).
  2. Visa Application Form PDF, filled in digitally but signed by hand. (Russian nationals and nationals of NIS (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan) should submit 2 Visa Application Forms with photo.)
  3. Photo specifications:
    • Taken less than 6 months before the date of application.
    • Both color and black and white photos are accepted.
    • Approximately 35×45 mm.
    • Facing straight to the camera and with white background.
    • Well centered with room above and below the head.
    • Photo quality, without smears or markings and with no shadow over the face.
  4. Valid Certificate of Eligibility.
  5. Copy of Swedish residence permit card (if applicable).

How to fill in the Visa Application Form

  1. See our Student Visa Application Form Example PDF.
    För svenskspråkiga studenter finns även ett exempel med förklaringar på svenska [PDF].
  2. Use black or blue permanent ink pen when signing (signatures written in other colors, pencil or erasable ink pens will not be accepted).
  3. Photograph must be of good quality, taken facing straight forward with a white background and not older than 6 months. Normal passport/ID size as provided from a photo machine.
  4. For some applicants, a travel itinerary can be requested. Where and when you intend to enter Japan (flight number and dates).
  5. Always write your Swedish contact information (address and telephone number).
  6. If you are an exchange student from Sweden, write the name of your current school under "Name and address of employer".
  7. If the school in Japan has not specified the details of "Guarantor or reference in Japan", write the name, address and telephone number of the school in Japan.
  8. If you omit to answer the questions on page two, or if you submit the application without your signature, the application will not be accepted.

Further information