Japanese Speech Contest
for Students in Sweden

Saturday, 5 February 2022, 10:00–17:00,
at Stockholm University, Kräftriket, Stockholm

Grand Prize: Stockholm–Tokyo Flight Mileage

Honour Prizes by the Ambassador of Japan.

High Prizes: Winners for each category.

Certificate of Participation for all participants.

The Grand Prize will be awarded to a contestant who have not previously won it.
The mileage may have some restrictions of use during certain periods.

Contest Rules

  1. The contestant must select one of the following themes:
    • 日本語の勉強を通じて感じた「ここが変だよ日本人」「ここが凄いよ日本人」世界を変えるソフトパワーとしての日本のポップカルチャー
    • スウェーデン人に広めたい! Cool Japanのここが好き!
    • 訪れてみたい日本の場所・日本人に勧めたいスウェーデンのおすすめの場所
  2. Contestant qualifications:
    • Full-time student enrolled in a Swedish high school or university.
    • Japanese may not be the primary native language or be spoken at home with family members.
  3. Speech time:
    • University students: up to 8 minutes *
    • High school students: up to 5 minutes *
    * Subject to change based on the number of participants.
  4. Evaluation will be based on factors such as contents, Japanese skill and delivery.
  5. Other: Non-electronic tools, such as a printed transcript or a photograph, are allowed.

How to Participate

Please send an email to speech@st.mofa.go.jp, with the following details:

  1. Student category (high school or university).
  2. Name and age.
  3. Phone number and e-mail address.
  4. Name of your school (and faculty for university students).
  5. A certificate of registration (only for university students).
  6. Length of studying Japanese or length of living in Japan.

Application deadline: 26 December 2021

After the deadline, the Embassy will provide further details, such as directions to the venue and contestant registration numbers.


Represented by

  • Japanese Association in Stockholm
  • Japanese Business Club
  • Stockholm University, Department of Asia, Middle East and Turkish Studies
  • Former Ambassador of Sweden to Japan
  • Embassy of Japan in Sweden

Executive Committee of the Japanese Speech Contest for Students in Sweden (EC)

  • Japanese Association in Stockholm
  • Japanese Business Club
  • Stockholm University, Department of Asia, Middle East and Turkish Studies
  • Former Ambassador of Sweden to Japan
  • Embassy of Japan in Sweden


10:00Registration for contestants
10:30–11:15Speeches, part 1
11:20–12:10Speeches, part 2
12:10–13:10Lunch *
13:10–14:00Speeches, part 3
14:00Jury Deliberation /
Fika (Coffee/Tea with Japanese sweets (Wagashi))
14:45Award Ceremony
* We recommend each person to bring their own lunch box since there is no restaurant or café near the venue.

Subject to change.

Ms. Linnéa Gyllberg

Comment by Ms. Linnéa Gyllberg, Grand Prize Winner of the 2019 Japanese Speech Contest for Students in Sweden

It was by pure chance that I participated in the competition this year. A friend of mine mentioned it to me last year but I wasn't able to participate then, and then I completely forgot about it until roughly two weeks before the competition date. I had to finish my speech in a bit of a rush as I was hesitant about even going, but I managed to finish it and practice enough just in time.

I had no idea what to expect from the competition. I only participated in order to measure my own language ability, as I am self-studying and didn't feel like I had any way of comparing myself to others. I was really nervous during the day, especially since I realized that basically everyone was there with their classmates, teachers and/or family and friends, and I had no one. I remember only speaking on five occasions before the award ceremony, giving my speech included. I almost regretted coming because I felt a bit bad about being alone and because I thought that I had messed up whilst giving my speech.

The win was definitely a surprise, or rather a shock. I thought I might get a smaller prize, but when I got announced as the Grand Prize winner I couldn't believe it. I had become content in seeing it as a learning experience and getting a better grasp of my level, so winning was so completely unexpected that I was at a loss for words.

I have never been to Japan before and so this will be my first time going. I have wanted to go for a while and have planned on doing so but this ticket gave me the opportunity to really make my dream a reality. I'm going to Japan for three weeks in December as that's when it worked best with my schedule and I really look forward to it!


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